Enable MySQL query logging in Magento 2

You’re probably aware of the fact that Magento is a very heavy application. It is especially hard on database, and performs a lot of queries in order to function properly (which it does not a lot of times, unfortunately). Sooner or later, a need will arise for you to check what queries are being performed on the page. Either you’re hunting for the slow ones, or are trying to optimize their number. There is a simple way to have this working.

Bitcoinj dev - generate address and receive funds


Bitcoinj is a library designed specifically to interact with Bitcoin network. You can use it to interact with real bitcoin blockchain, or play around in TestNet - bitcoin’s testing network. It allows us to do some pretty cool stuff. This post (and hopefully a series of them) is my way of trying to learn more about bitcoin, and its inner workings by using this library. For starters, I’d like to focus on simple tasks - creating a wallet, an address, and receiving some funds to it. This introduction assumes you’ll be able to download the library, and include it into Java project, either using Maven, or manually. Either way is fine.

Short introduction to ssh-copy-id and ssh config files

When you’re working on many different servers, you might get tired of constantly looking for an IP address, or a password to log in. This makes the whole process very tiring.. Ctrl+R on linux can be helpful if you remember a part of the hostname, but remembering the password is almost impossible - of course if you use a secure one.

bitcoinjs-lib in Meteor.js

If you want to use bitcoinjs-lib in Meteor js, try out this package: https://atmospherejs.com/ca333/bitcoinjs add it via: meteor add ca333:bitcoinjs

Bitcoin for the masses: Bitcoin Address

You know what an email address is? I’m sure you do.. It’s a string of letters (and numbers) in a certain format (eg. with an @ symbol), that serves as your identification and also as a pointer as to where the message you’re sending should go. Bitcoin’s address is very similar, only instead of sending the message to it, you’re sending a different kind of information - Bitcoin.